Point & Click Puzzle Games

2nd YouTube Channel Launched in August 2020

So back in the day, when I first left uni, I tinkered with the idea of becoming a full-time secondary (high school) teacher.

I started to teach on a 75% timetable whilst I waited to begin my official teacher training. For the two years, I held this role, I had highs and lows. I actually loved the art of teaching, but not necessarily at a secondary school level, I realised that I enjoyed teaching the more technically challenging classes to the GCSE level students.

However, my freelance work was starting to build and I found it difficult to juggle the two careers side-by-side, so I quit teaching to pursue my freelance journey full-time, which afforded me the ability to travel the world whilst building websites, sales funnels and other digital marketing activities for clients back in the UK.

However the vibe and fun that came from teaching had never left me.

It’s part the reason why I decided to launch my YouTube Channel McCall Media TV.

However, with two girls, the eldest of which starting Secondary School in the next few months, made me realise that they are the age that I used to teach.

My eldest has a real interest in the digital marketing activities I do for my clients, and so I thought I would see how she went with a little coding. But “teaching” your kids is a challenge, so I figured I would turn my knowledge into videos that they could watch in their own time, and so the idea and concept of second YouTube Channel Point & Click Puzzle Games were born.

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