Pending Application for becoming a Zoho Partner

As small business grows, processes and protocols established for a one-person team often fall short for a bigger team.

As a technology-loving business, we love working with service providers who seamlessly tackle monotonous tasks. We love to automate processes and remove human error from daily tasks.

Like many, we started off by using just one tool, but then needed to connect this to something else, which then needed something else, and suddenly, not only were more of our operations automated, other ‘middlemen’ services were eradicated. We could freely move our data, orders, and prospective and current clients’ data around at ease.

That is why, given the nature of the work we conduct on behalf of our clients, we decided to jump all in with Zoho and become one of their preferred agency partners.

By summer 2022 we should be a Zoho Partner having had our application approved.