Many of the ‘tools of the trade’ on this page contain affiliate links.

This means that if you click the link and go on to purchase from the supplier, that supplier will provide a benefit to me to say thanks.

All the suppliers on this page are suppliers that my business has either used or continues to use and are shown in no particular order.

McCall Group is in no way associated with these organizations and your use of their services is entirely at your own risk and judgment, please do your own homework and research before using any of these suppliers.

Website Analytics & Visitor Statistics
User friendly visitor statistics, graphics charts and analytics
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Answer The Public
Consumer/Public Research
Enter your favourite topics to learn all the questions being asked about this by the public at the moment.
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Tube Buddy
YouTube SEO Research
This is the source of all my SEO research for the YouTube Videos and Video Live’s that I do. I literally love this tool, and suggest to anyone who is planning on “getting serious" about YouTube, to work with this service.
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Vid IQ
YouTube Keyword SEO Research
This company has equally become one of my "go to" resources for when I plan my video keywords for my video topics.
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Multi-Platform Live Streaming Broadcasts
This software is worth every penny. It’s saved me hours and hours of editing time by dropping the pre-filmed and editing of videos and instead, going “live” across multi-platforms simultaneously.
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Epidemic Sounds
Stock Music Library for Videos
When I need background music in my videos, I use tracks that I source from Epidemic Sounds.
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Paid Membership Pro (WP Plugin)
Membership Plugin
This is the engine that powers the McCall Club site. It's the plugin to my Wordpress website whose purpose is to provide membership site management.
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WP Forms (WP Plugin)
Data Capture Forms
When you need to use a powerful form on your website, possibly collect payment, or use conditional questions depending on other results. This is the tool to use.
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Ionos (AKA 1&1 Internet)
Web Hosting
For all your small business website hosting, domain names, emails, databases and more. Their account is easy to navigate and provides a 24/7 help service and online chat support. Multiple grades of plans and products available to suit all types of businesses and needs.
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Use Any Font Wordpress Plugin
When the font you want to use is not covered by your theme, or google fonts. Use this plugin.... only a single font permitted with FREE plugin.
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Variety of Wordpress Plugins
Pricing Tables, Team Members, Top Bar, Responsive Tabs, Responsive Testimonials
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Microsoft 365
MS Office Suite of Tools
Originally the MS Office 365 suite of tools. The services are the same, just their name that has changed.
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Digital Signature Software
Digital e-Signatures that are leagally binding (in the UK).
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Password Security Vault
Share passwords with your service suppliers, without actually sharing passwords, also acts like a valut for all your 100's of passwords.
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Mind Meister
Digital Mind Mapping Software
Digital Mind-Mapping Software. I love my mind maps. I am always doing them for every aspect of life that invovles design and planning. I find digital one’s a bit slow, so personally use when I want to make a professional map for publication.
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HP Instant Ink
Hewlet Packard Instant Ink Service
Never run low on ink again, for tiny amounts, let HP monitor your printer and automatically send you ink when you start to run low!
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Active Campaign
Email Marketing and simple CRM
For all your small business CRM, email marketing, requirements, without breaking the bank. You can start low-cost whilst you gain confidence and demand on features are minimum. Upgrade through different levels/plans without incurring excess costs.
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Many Chat
Facebook Messenger Chat Bot
Chatbots to manage your FB messenger conversations with your audience and other platforms.
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Envato Elements
Stock Library for Media Assets
Whether you need video, photo stock images, background music, adobe templates and more, This is the place to look!
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Starling Bank
Digital Banking
Starling is a fully-licensed digital bank providing B2B banking and payments services
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