Our Business Vision, Mission & Values are Simple

Life: Don't Waste It.
Embrace It!

Our Vision

By summer 2024, we aim to have established a welcoming hybrid culture that embraces the 25-hour working week business model and supports skilled stay at home parents, whilst cultivating young emerging talent by nurturing a team that loves what they do but “works to live”.

Our Mission

We work with Milton Keynes based educational institutions to feed our business with young talent propagating a diverse and inclusive work environment that embraces respect, honesty, and integrity. We strongly encourage a healthy work/life balance by implementing partial work from home and office-based employment.

Our Values


The back-bone of all the business relationships we forge.


If you can imagine it, we believe we can design it, create it, build it, publish it and more!

Diversity & Inclusion

We hire our team based on their talent, passion and personality above all else.


You can trust us to deliver on our promises.


We let our imagination and skills deliver the results you desire.


We work with reliable and trustworthy suppliers.


We believe that to be forewarned is to be forearmed and that prevention is better than reaction!