Without these amazing people my business 
and vision would remain just a dream!

Angela McCall
With over 25 years freelance experience, starting out as a programmer and now specialising in automated digital leads and sales funnels for SMEs, there really is not much left untouched by this multi-disciplinary digital creative.
I've done the world's 3rd highest bungee jump in Queenstown, New Zealand. I've always wanted to be able to sing, but the only way I ever hit a note is with a hammer! I've slept in a the jungle, an ice-cave and climbed Mount Kinabalu in Malyasia!
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Neil Briggs
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Miranda Mercado Gregory
Business Support Assistant
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Michelle Hamilton
Sales Representative
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Pete Hoare
Sales Representative
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Gill Clarke
Sales Representative
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Rowan Smith
Website Developer
With a first-class honours degree during the pandemic, Rowan started with us soon after and we are yet to find a task that Rowan can't conquer! A philanthropist at heart, Rowan's goal is to prioritise human needs over tech's limitations.
Rowan is an artist, plays Dungeons and Dragons and keeps Giant African Land Snails as pets.
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Chandra Gardener
Personal Assistant
Chandra is an organised professional with extensive experience in day-to-day operations management through discretion and integrity including co-ordinating, planning, and supporting management activities. Chandra has a sound knowledge of organising events and travel arrangements for all business levels, problem solving attitude, as well as business acumen. Adept at streamlining processes to reduce errors, improve accuracy, and achieve business objectives, Chandra posseses strong interpersonal skills including presentation, negotiation, teamwork, and project coordination.
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Andrew Marshall
Business Assistant
I am originally from Leicester, in the UK, but now I live in Argentina. I found happiness here with my girlfriend and three children. I love Argentina. The food, the climate, the people and the mountains! I have always been a big fan of Leicester City and football and follow Boca Juniors and San Martin. our local team here. I love working with computers and am now following my passion for this.
I follow 5 football teams in the UK and Argentina. Me and my kids love to play together. I can be a big kid at times. I love food and Argentina has the best food in the world in my opinion.
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Vicky Patel
Senior Web Developer
Vicky has a wide range of knowledge and expertise within the scope of being a full-stack WordPress and Laravel website developer and is a valuable asset to our team, when we need extra hands-on-deck for larger projects or busy workloads.
Loves camping, exploring his home country India and is a crazy GOT fan!
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For all enquiries for work opportunities please contact Angela McCall via LinkedIn.