BNI Member

Why we joined BNI and how Apollo transformed our business success!

For a long time Milton Keynes has been home to the most variety of networking groups available in a location outside of London. If you can think it… there is a networking group in this city for it!

So for a long-time I never really “gave” BNI the time of day, because I had plenty of other options.

However, after working and living in this city for the past 12 years, I’ve noticed that not all networking groups are created equally. The people really do make the group!

And Apollo is the king of the BNI groups for all the counties surrounding us, as well as for Buckinghamshire.

The connections made have totally transformed my business, the quality of those connections and the value of the referrals. It’s like networking on speed!

If you fancy dipping your toe in the water and experiencing why Apollo isn’t just “another” BNI group, just ask me to attend as my visitor 🙂

We meet each Wednesday on Zoom (except for the first Wednesday of each month where we have a face-to-face meeting here in MK).