Our Associations

We are proud to support and be a part of the following organisations and memberships.


UK Trading Standards Approved

The design, marketing and technology industries are unregulated. That is why we are Buy With Confidence Scheme business members. So we can provide you with peace of mind that our business operations are conducted with your best interests in heart.

Industry Partnerships

Active Campaign Partner

As an Active Campaign Partner, we’ve graduated from their training programs so as to better serve you and implement their powerful automation & email marketing tools. Helping you maximise the impact your marketing efforts achieve for you and your business.

Zoho Partner (Pending)

As a Zoho Partner, we will be approved to help you scope your business’s technical needs so as to assist you with the implementation, configuration and use of their tools and services to aid your daily business tasks and operations.

Professional Organisations

Milton Keynes Chamber

As a Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce registered business member, we have a huge pool of local resources, businesses, advice, and support to help ensure our business successfully evolves with the local Milton Keynes Economy.

Northamptonshire Chamber

As a Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce registered business member, we’ve extended the footprint of local and neighboring support for our business, allowing us to support our clients with more services and success.

FSB Member

Federation of Small Businesses

The FSB has always supported the micro and small business owner. Having their support has taken some of the “effort” out of my businesses evolution from sole-trader to limited company, and employer and all that this entails.

BNI Member

Business Network International

BNI Apollo in Milton Keynes has literally transformed my business. The people make the chapter. BNI might not be for some, but I am a true converted believer that the BNI approach brings greater benefits and success to SME’s.

Milton Keynes
Collaborate MK

Collaborate MK

One of the fastest, largest and most enjoyable local networking groups in the Milton Keynes area. Collaborate MK has provided amazing joint venture and collaboration opportunities with other local SMEs.

MKFM Business Club

MKFM Business Club

Find us each month at the #MeetOfMk. As keen supporters and fans of the town’s local radio station, their business club was an obvious path to working, meeting and networking with other SMEs from Milton Keynes.

Living Wage Employer

Living Wage Employer

As a certified business of the Living Wage Employer Scheme we voluntarily pay above the UK’s minimum wage rate. We value our team, and strive to create a working environment which supports the work to live ethos.

Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint

We may be small but our businesses carbon footprint each year on the planet still equates to a couple of trees!
Living for today, should not hinder our tomorrow, our children’s tomorrow or their children’s children’s tomorrow!